Funding Requests

NERAC Funding Request Process

The members of the Northeast Homeland Security Regional Advisory Council (NERAC) have decision making authority, within guidelines provided by the Executive Office of Public Safety & Security (EOPSS), to approve projects funded through Homeland Security Grants provided by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

NERAC develops its project budget at the beginning of each grant cycle according to EOPSS’ guidelines and through its committee and working group system.  This budget is approved through a vote of the Full Council.  Non-Council members may participate in these discussions and offer suggestions on funding matters.

Occasionally, NERAC has extra funds that must be reallocated or the Council receives additional funds from EOPSS.  At these times, the Council votes at its next regularly scheduled meeting on how to allocate or re-allocate these funds.

Non-Council members and other entities within the region may submit funding suggestions or requests to the Council for consideration using the forms below.  Requests will be reviewed by the Full Council or the appropriate subcommittee (as designated by the Council Chair).  The Council or subcommittee has the authority to approve or deny each funding request.

All outside requests must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must provide a regional or sub-regional benefit (benefit at least 3 municipalities).
  2. Must fit into the overall Northeast Homeland Security Plan.
  3. Must address one or more of the state’s homeland security goals.
  4. Must be submitted in writing to MAPC using the NERAC Funding Request Form.
  5. Requesting parties must be NIMS compliant.

NERAC Funding Request Form – General Projects

NERAC Funding Request Form – Trainings and Exercises

ICS-300 and ICS-400 Reimbursement Requests 

All reimbursements for ICS training must be individually pre-approved by the NERAC Training and Exercise Committee using the ICS Training Request Form. This form must be filled out and emailed to or prior to any ICS training taking place if backfill/overtime support will be requested. These funding requests will be reviewed and approved by the NERAC Training and Exercise Committee, which meets at 12:00PM at the Burlington Town Hall, (29 Center Street, Burlington, MA) on the second Thursday of each month.

NERAC Funding Request Form – ICS Training

Backfill/Overtime Reimbursements

Backfill/overtime reimbursements can be provided through NERAC for approved trainings and exercises.  Reimbursement rates are capped at a rate of $35/hr to promote buy-in from participating agencies.  This also allows NERAC to provide training and exercise opportunities to a greater number of participants.


All reimbursement requests must be submitted to MAPC on the appropriate Backfill/Overtime Reimbursement form (below).

NERAC BF-OT Reimbursement Form_New