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Northeast homeland security regional advisory council Welcome to the information hub of homeland security activities in northeastern Massachusetts. On this site you will find information on how homeland security funds are being used to enhance public safety on a regional, multi-disciplinary level. The links above will provide you with insight on how the Council was created, the State Homeland Security Strategy, and projects the Council is implementing for the Northeast Homeland Security Planning Region. Click here for a list of council members.

NERAC is the policy making body of the Northeast Homeland Security Planning Region. It is one of five Homeland Security Planning Regions in the Commonwealth and includes 85 municipalities in northeastern Massachusetts.

Click on the "About" tab to learn more about NERAC.

NERAC has established three Cache Sites (located in Beverly, Framingham, and Lexington) in an effort to effectively provide emergency resources for the entire Northeast Region.

Click on the "Cache Sites" tab to learn more about the Cache Sites and how to access equipment.

Since its establishment in June 2004, NERAC has provided a regular forum for first responders from a variety of disciplines to work together and jointly address public safety issues that affect the residents of the Northeast Homeland Security Planning Region.

Click on the "Projects" tab to learn more about NERAC’s past, current, and future projects.

Click on the "Calendar" tab to see a schedule of NERAC Committee meetings and events.


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 Homeland Security Regions

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) acts as the statewide fiduciary for the Western, Central, Southeast, and Northeast Homeland Security Planning Councils. In addition, MAPC provides planning, facilitation, and project management support to NERAC. 


For questions regarding NERAC please contact Amy Reilly at areilly@mapc.org. 




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 NERAC in the News

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NERAC Newsletter - 9.2012.pdfNERAC Newsletter - 9.2012Amy Reilly
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NERAC Newsletter 3.2012.pdfNERAC Newsletter 3.2012Amy Reilly
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Regional Emergency Preparedness Day.pdfRegional Emergency Preparedness DayAmy Reilly
It's Up to You to Stop the Flu.pdfIt's Up to You to Stop the FluAmy Reilly
School Safety Awareness Day.pdfSchool Safety Awareness DayAmy Reilly

 Other Resources

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