Northeast Homeland Security Regional Advisory Council

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NERAC is a regional Council of 16 public safety stakeholders from 10 relevant disciplines appointed by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security. The Council is tasked with developing a regional homeland security plan for the 85 municipalities within the Northeast Homeland Security Planning Region and allocating federal grant funds to improve safety and security for the region.

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This website is currently under construction, but you will soon find additional information on how NERAC is using homeland security funds to enhance public safety on a regional, multi-disciplinary level.

Homeland Security Regions

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) acts as the statewide fiduciary for the Western, Central, Southeast, and Northeast Homeland Security Planning Councils. In addition, MAPC provides planning, facilitation, and project management support to NERAC.

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The Council

In the spring of 2004, now the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS) designated five homeland security planning regions and appointed a sixteen-member multidisciplinary Advisory Council for each region. Council members represent all relevant public safety disciplines including law enforcement, fire service, emergency management, local public health, hospitals, emergency medical services (EMS), public works, transportation, corrections, and local government administration.

The Advisory Council serves as the policy making body for the Northeast Homeland Security Planning Region as defined by the Massachusetts State Homeland Security Strategy developed by EOPSS. The role and responsibilities of the Council are to develop a regional Homeland Security Plan and oversee all grant program expenditures. The Regional Advisory Councils, with the help of the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and regional planning agencies (RPAs), submitted their first plan to EOPSS on July 28, 2004 after approximately a six-week development period.

EOPSS reached out to RPAs to help facilitate and draft the regional plans and to act as fiduciaries in their implementation and provide additional planning and facilitation services to the Councils as needed. The Metropolitan Area Planning Council, MAPC, serves in this role for the Northeast Homeland Security Regional Advisory Council